Our Work

10x offers its clients over fifteen combined years of experience in the design world ranging from fabrication to business development and financial strategy. From designing and implementing sales and strategic plans, developing marketing campaigns and launching new product lines to managing financial operations and directing investment and capital fundraising efforts, 10x focuses on strategic thinking that employs a personalized and customized approach through a deep understanding of the unique challenges designers and manufacturers face.


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Operations, Finance + ANALYSIS

The foundation of any successful strategy is a sound financial plan and toolkit. 10x can provide its clients with a financial model, quarterly and annual reporting as well as the tools to manage cash flow, plan for expenses, and outline a path for growth. 10x also offers guidance for taking out a loan or line of credit and working with payroll and insurance companies.


The core of any growth plan, 10x helps its clients identify and connect with their customers wherever they are. In addition to offering access to its worldwide network,10x also assists its clients in pricing, product development and market positioning to ensure that the correct products are being sold at the correct prices to the correct customer demographic. 10x has successfully launched product lines in all major sectors.

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marketing, pr + Branding

Hand in hand with sales planning, a solid marketing plan is an integral component of growth strategy. It is the "oxygen" for sales—the tools that build brand awareness and drive incoming leads. 10x has expertise in content strategy, copywriting, social media, email and digital marketing as well as a thorough knowledge of relevant directories and specification platforms that help design firms expand their reach and grow their customer base. 10x also offers counsel on Branding and PR strategies to help its clients refine their visual language and promote new developments.

growth strategy + investment

With all the components in place, 10x can also offer its clients the know-how to fuel their next stage of growth. 10x has helped design firms raise capital critical to the next stage of growth by putting together a comprehensive presentation of the investment opportunity, strategic plan and company valuation. 10x also maintains a network of investment fund and private equity contacts who specialize in design firm investment. 


10x helped us with our financial model, investment deck and company valuation, providing us with the strategy and vision to take the next step in our growth as a company.
— Andrew Watson, Owner, Built